Active Lifestyles Showcase

active lifestyles showcase
Walking Device
The ARJO Walker provides the optimum conditions to take that first step. It plays an important supporting role every step of the way during the initial stages of a patient’s rehabilitation and ambulation training. The Walker‘s hi-low function reduces transfer risks for both patient and therapist when lifting or lowering the patient to and from the standing position. While in motion, the patient’s sense of security is enhanced by safety and comfort features: adjustable handgrips for a firm hold, the U-shaped support table for leaning on, and back/suspension straps to prevent falling.

Amy McCaw, ARJO, 800-323-1245,
Resident Entertainment System
The Touch-2-Play entertainment system has been designed to “invigorate” seniors with more than 100 games, using state-of-the-art touch-screen technologies. With no mouse, joystick, or keyboard, it is simple to use. The system increases the selection of resident activities. It encourages resident interaction with visitors and facilitates the role of staff.

Stacey Marsden, Touch-2-Play, 705-446-5800,
Resident Transportation
The ElDorado National Aerotech is a safe, comfortable, and dependable transportation choice. It is available in a variety of lengths and configurations to meet all transportation applications. Aerotech has been crash tested in an automotive testing facility. The steel-reinforced composite body is highly resistant to impact, rust, and corrosion. The gelcoat exterior keeps its glossy finish for the life of the vehicle and absorbs temperature at a lower rate than metal, making the bus easier to heat and cool. The fiberglass body panels allow minimal sound transmission, resulting in a quieter interior for improved passenger comfort.

Holly Piper, ElDorado National, 909-591-9557,
Animal Habitats
Bring wonders of nature inside for all to enjoy. Companion Habitats’ award-winning Majestic Quad-Viewers blend beauty and functionality and feature efficient modular cage design to showcase up to four different species at the same time. The elegant soft lines of curved glass and cabinetry will showcase your critters and provide for optimal 360¦ viewing. With a variety of colors and options to choose from, Quad-Viewers are an ideal way to feature birds, reptiles, and small animals.

Nancy Reed, Companion Habitats, 719-540-8884,
Therapeutic Wraps
VitalWear, Inc., sets a new standard for care of chronic pain and injury with the VitalWrap« System, the first Medicare-approved therapeutic device to provide heating, cooling, compression, and contrast therapies in a single product. With proven Medicare reimbursements for arthritis, chronic pain, functional mobility, circulatory issues, and a variety of other conditions, the easy-to-use VitalWrap System and its family of therapeutic wraps provide therapy to areas including the back, knee, shoulder, foot/ankle, wrist, hand, and hip. Residents are able to self-treat in a variety of different settings.

Dan Berlin, VitalWear, Inc., 650-553-4100,
Exercise System
Endorphin’s 355 series allows the user to exercise the upper body and cardiovascular system from a seated or standing position. Endorphin’s expandable modular technology has upgradeable resistance systems. Four resistance systems are available.

Niki Plutis, Endorphin Corporation, 727-545-9848,
WhisperGLIDE gliders offer therapeutic recreation in two bench and wheelchair-accessible models. The gliders encourage light exercise and increase rapport between staff and residents. Gliding becomes an intergenerational social activity that dramatically increases the quality of life for residents and their families.

George Knuteson, WhisperGLIDE, 651-439-5649,
Wall Clock
The Alzheimer’s Store ( offers a precision battery-operated wall clock that also keeps track of the current day and date (including leap years) as a reminder for residents who may be forgetful. The clock is 15″ tall and 11″ wide with easy-to-read text and numbers that automatically change at midnight. The Alzheimer’s Store also features other unique items for people with dementia.

Ellen Warner, The Alzheimer’s Store, 800-752-3238,
Activities Catalog
NASCO’s Senior Activities Catalog offers a full line of activity supplies and equipment to provide programming for residents, no matter what their interests or level of function. The 108-page catalog features products for exercise and fitness, reminiscing and memory stimulation, trivia, musical activities, active and table games, DVDs and videos, activity room equipment, and more.

Judi Boyd, NASCO, 920-563-2446,
As one of the most versatile cross-trainers in the industry, the NuStep« TRS 4000 provides a complete workout for all major muscle groups. The 10 different workloads provide a challenging workout for exercise enthusiasts at any age. The TRS 4000 offers upper and lower body conditioning without stress on the joints and muscles, making it suitable for use in any facility.

Valencia Johnson, NuStep, 734-769-3939,

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