6 steps to clean restrooms

Perceptions matter. If your facility’s resident and public restrooms have stains or odors, you may not be meeting your sanitation obligations—or residents’ family members, potential residents and others may not be able to tell and also may wonder whether your facility is lacking in other ways.

Keeping restrooms sanitary and pleasing can be time-consuming, says Matt Morrison, communications manager for cleaning system developer Kaivac, but a checklist can help ensure that all areas are cleaned as needed, when needed.

The key elements of a restroom cleaning checklist, he says:

  1. Develop a plan that outlines cleaning tasks and frequencies.
  2. Select your tools.
  3. Train custodial workers in how the plan works, what areas are to be cleaned and when, what tools are to be used and, just as important, what tools should not be used.
  4. Know when to spot and when to deep clean. Spot cleaning typically is performed during the workday and helps ensure that messes are attended to promptly. Deep cleaning usually takes place after hours and includes all restroom surfaces and fixtures.
  5. Clean high to low. Clean high areas first and work down. Start with the tops of partitions, wall areas, mirrors and so on, and then move on to fixtures, countertops and floors.
  6. Test and evaluate. Regularly evaluate cleaning effectiveness, for instance by using an adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, rapid monitoring system.

"Put the restroom cleaning checklist in writing," Morrison advises. "While changes can be made as necessary, having it in writing helps ensure it is properly implemented."

Topics: Executive Leadership , Facility management , Operations