Will my new cell phone work for me?

My cell phone died two weeks ago. It was an inexpensive prepaid model, but I will miss it. I bought that cell phone because it was easy to use, had a speakerphone and a headset jack. I am not a constant caller and I was not able to text on that phone.

I looked everywhere online for a replacement cell phone. I found that the price of a new one was exorbitant and it may not have been compatible with my provider.

Therefore, I decided try an online auction site and buy a used phone (like my old one). I also purchased a new battery and charger for my old phone in case the new phone does not work out. The new phone came at an amazing refurbished price and has triple minutes for the life of the phone. I basically wanted a phone that would do a few other things. However, I did not know if I would be comfortable with a sensitive touch-screen phone.

I asked my sister to put my contacts into my new phone. We both laughed because it was laborious for her and we agreed I should have paid a teenager to do it.

I studied most of the phone's online tutorial. So I think I know the basics. But the challenge will be accessing the Internet. Some phone reviews report I should have access through the facility's Wi-Fi at no cost. But I will not know until I actually try it.

Here it is a week later and I am still not using my new phone with its pushbutton, full keyboard and scroll button. Although it is similar to my old phone, it has more features, including a speakerphone. But to ensure privacy, I bought a wireless headset that is supposed to answer my phone when I say "Answer." But I have no experience with one of those.

Unfortunately, I cannot see the new cell phone’s screen unless it is slanted slightly. While I found many cell phone stands online and even some you can make yourself, they don't meet my needs. So, the other day, using a washcloth and piece of nonslip plastic, an aide assisted me to makeshift something to raise the screen about 20°.

I tried it afterwards and it seemed like it would work. But I still do not feel comfortable using the new phone and am still plugging in my old one and using it.

My brain's wheels are turning to come up with a propping device design which will hold my new phone at the correct angle without allowing it to slide away. If I do that, I will feel comfortable using it.

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