Website for women and Alzheimer’s disease

There’s a new push to put women at the front of mind when it comes to memory loss.

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, an Alzheimer’s research support organization, has launched a new website to provide information for women with Alzheimer’s disease,

“We need to better understand why Alzheimer’s so disproportionally affects women and what it means for those who are afflicted and their families,” said Tim Armour, President and CEO of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund in a press release. “More important, the website will provide information about the latest research on women and Alzheimer’s—and raise funds to increase the level of research.”

The website will provide information about events focused on women and the disease. It will also profile women working toward a cure through research, outreach and fundraising.

Women develop Alzheimer’s disease at twice the rate of men, and by the age of 75 a woman is three times more likely to have Alzheimer’s than a man.

In 2016, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund supported two projects exploring the relationship between sex and risk of onset and female-specific genetic risk factors. 

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