Weaving new ties at one CCRC

Residents at one continuing care retirement community are making ties that bind. Literally.

A group of about 15 regulars at Aldersgate Retirement Community in Charlotte, N.C., meet twice a week to restore old cane chairs for the public.

The class offers residents a chance to make friends, learn something new and do meaningful work.

“It gives people an opportunity to invest in themselves and tap into skills maybe they didn’t know they had,” says Aldergate COO Jeff Weatherhead to The Charlotte Observer. “Communities like this aren’t intended for people to come and just exist.”

Aldersgate residents repair about 60 chairs a year. They mend rush chairs, cane chairs, rockers, hand-woven chairs with holes and machine woven chairs with pressed-in seats. Fees range from $35 to $150 per chair. Residents also weave baskets, many of which are donated to local nonprofits.



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