Volunteerism helps not only the community, but the senior volunteer as well

Whether living at home or in a long-term care community, older adults still desire to contribute to the world around them. Benefits abound for senior volunteers. They feel useful, wanted and respected. They form new friendships in a variety of age groups.  When volunteering, loneliness is kept at bay. Sharing their time and talents also fills their hearts by giving back to others.

Photo courtesy of Corporation for National and Community Service 

You hear many examples of how seniors  donate their time to “grandparenting” children, reading to shut-ins, collecting and/or making items for sale and donating the money to a special charity, visiting hospices or becoming involved in a variety of other community outreach.  There are hundreds of ways these “retired” individuals keep on going.

In recognition of their dedication and determination to remain active participants in life,  here’s an opportunity to introduce your  outstanding senior volunteer to others by nominating him or her  in the  Salute to Senior Service award program. Sponsored by Home Instead Senior Care, this program recognizes senior volunteers for the difference they make in their communities.

To qualify for the award, the individual must be 65 years of age or older and volunteer  at least 15 hours a month. Fifty State Senior Heroeswill be selected and one will be selected as a national winner In May, which is designated as “Older Americans Month.

Nominate  your special senior volunteer and read the stories of outstanding heroes. As Jeff Huber, President and CEO of Home Instead, Inc., remarks: “Helping others defines life for many retired seniors.” If you have a dedicated senior volunteer in your LTC facility, let the world know about that person, too.

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