Visiting nurses look to robotic telemedicine for virtual visits

The caregivers at Visiting Nurses & Hospice of Vermont and New Hampshire (VNAVNH) soon will be traveling far fewer miles while tending to their patients.

VNAVNH has formed an agreement with VGo Communications to use the VGo telecommunications device, a 4-foot-tall, wireless computer system on wheels. Unlike with a cart or fixed video monitor, a caregiver can “drive” the device around the patient’s home and operate the device’s moveable camera and audio from a remote laptop.

 “We are continually looking for ways to increase levels of care, independence and safety in the home,” said Jeanne A. McLaughlin MSN, MSEd, President/CEO of VNAVNH in a release. “People often need more care and attention, not less, but that’s hard to do in rural areas without an army of staff. By eliminating the need to travel for each visit, professional staff can better utilize their time and respond to client’s needs and unforeseen problems that arise much quicker.”

The VGo system will provide specialty clinical support for home healthcare and hospice nurses, including consultations on wound care and infusion therapies.

Other benefits of the remote system are expected to be in providing frequent monitoring of post-op rehab patients and in providing specialist services to outlying areas.

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