Three employees fired for videotaping residents

An assisted living facility in Glendale, Arizona, has fired three employees and is conducting and investigation into videos employees posted to Snapchat showing staff making fun of residents.

One shows a woman using a walker walking toward staff, and the camera. She is visibly agitated, says she almost fell and asks for her pills. Staff continue filming instead of caring for the woman.

The caption reads, “Nuuuuuuuuuuurse……All damn day.”  

Glencroft Senior Living’s Millie Oakeson, vice president of corporate marketing, provided ABC15 with statement:

“Glencroft has a no-tolerance policy regarding such matters. We are currently conducting a thorough investigation with employees. To date, one such employee was immediately suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. Furthermore, this employee’s actions have been reported to the State Board of Nursing and the Arizona Department of Health Services for review for disciplinary action.

“As Management is currently in the process of performing an internal investigation, our plan is to communicate the severity of this isolated situation with our employees and remind them on the importance of adherence to our internal and external policies and procedures, especially regarding the use of cell phones during working hours, social media usage”

A whistleblower, a fellow nurse and former classmate, saw and captured the video, then contacted Glencroft, ABC15 and the Arizona State Board of Nursing.

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