The mystery of the puzzling printer

I usually do not use my printer very often, but last weekend I needed to print hard copies of many documents. The next day when I was getting set up at the computer I noticed that the board I keep under my printer for stability was sitting on top of it. I asked my aide to put the board back where it belongs. I thought a housekeeper might have moved it to dust and did not know where to put the board.

I did not think about the printer situation again until a couple of days later when I noticed my printer had a one-inch gap on the top right side. It looked to me like the printer had been dropped. I also thought a housekeeper might have been cleaning it, got it apart and could not get it back together.

I asked the assistant director of nursing to take a look at my printer. When she saw the gap, she suggested it may have been broken accidentally. She said corporate would replace it if it would not work properly. I thanked her and she said she would have the maintenance man look at it.

When he came in, I asked him what he thought had happened and he said he had no idea. Within a few minutes he had the right side back in place and showed me the printer was working correctly.

However, the detective part of me still wonders what happened to the printer. I do not really blame anyone. It is just a puzzle I cannot solve.

I wonder if whoever caused the gap may have asked for help to fix it and no one got around to it. Or, they might have thought it was permanently damaged and were afraid they would be asked to replace it. I just wonder if they told anyone about the mishap.


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