Testing the tears

I don’t trust those “scientists.” Let me say that right up front. But rumor has it they’re working on a better way to do diabetes testing, and I say we give them the benefit of the doubt. Even though they’ve been wrong in advancing wild, irresponsible “theories” like gravity, death and global warming, let’s hope that this time they’re not just lying to get more girls and grant funding.

Apparently some of those smarty-pants “scientists” have figured out a way for diabetes sufferers to measure blood sugar levels in their teardrops, rather than the old fashioned way—by repeatedly stabbing themselves. I’m skeptically optimistic, because I have friends with this disease and know what a burden it can be. But I’m also optimistically skeptical, because according to news reports, the preliminary tests were performed only on 12 anesthetized rabbits.

Anyway, it’s all very exciting, and is particularly good news for both aging boomers and misguided politicians/bureaucrats. Because if Medicare and Medicaid cuts continue, seniors will be weeping at the loss of care, service and support, which will make it far easier to do their diabetes testing. It’s the perfect combination of healthcare innovation and bad public policy.

And who says technology can’t make things better?

Topics: Clinical