Tableware design helps those with cognitive impairments eat better

Inspired by her grandma's diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, designer Sha Yao created a set of tableware specifically to help those with physical, motor and cognitive impairement eat better. 

Eatwell is a seven-piece set designed in bright, primary colors, according to Mental Floss. Yao chose these colors after reading a Boston University study that stated people with cognitive impairements ate and drank more out of brightly colored containers. The bowls and cups have angled bases so that food and drink fall to one side to make scooping easier. The flatware aligns with the contours of the bowls. 

"Eating should be a simple task for most people," Yao wrote on her website. "However, the cognitive and various sensory impairments of Alzheimer’s may result in a variety of eating problems. That’s the reason I created Eatwell, a tableware set with a very user-centered design that helps to increase food intake and maintain dignity for its users, while also helping to alleviate caring burdens by making the process of eating as easy as possible."

Learn more about the Eatwell set here.

Topics: Alzheimer's/Dementia