Study to test whether HRMS improves patient outcomes

Eventa and American Green Technology are studying the effectiveness of the Health Risk Management System (HRMS) at improving outcomes for ventilator patients, who are more prone to airborne infections.

“The HRMS is an ideal product for this type of study,” says Gene Gantt, President and CEO of Eventa, in a press release. “Our goal at Eventa is to ensure that we do whatever we can to improve the lives of patients. Any technology that provides a new way to reduce the bioburden and move the needle on reducing infections is worth the investment.”

The HRMS uses ultraviolet C (UV-C) technology to provide in-room air treatment. Reducing the amount of pathogens that ride on air currents reduces the risk a caregiver will touch a contaminated surface and transfer, or possibly infect, a patient.

The study is being conducted at Standifer Place in Chattanooga, Tenn., a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) with a respiratory unit specifically for ventilated patients. HRMS units have been installed in 18 double occupancy patient rooms, the adjacent hallway, 5 shared patient restrooms and a doctors’ office space.

Infection rates and comorbidities will be measured for six months in the HRMS wing and two wings where no HRMS units have been installed. Findings are expected to be presented in April 2016.

Topics: Clinical