Spring Arbor communities to expand K4Connect chainwide

Residents at HHHunt’s Spring Arbor Assisted Living communities will soon be able to control everything from the light switch to the thermostat without asking for assistance. The senior care chain is implementing the K4Community software, an automation and connectivity technology from K4Connect, Raleigh, N.C.

Residents can control environmental elements like temperature and lighting, track their own clinical wellness goals with fitness trackers and medication reminders and communicate through secure voice/video calls and messaging.

The high resident adoption is a nod to its user-friendly design and functionality. "I was really curious about technology, but didn't know if it would be a good fit for me," said Leon Allgood, a resident of Spring Arbor Raleigh, in a press release. "K4Community turned out to be very easy to use, and I use it to make decisions about what I want to do every day. I can do everything with it—check the weather, look at our menu, sign up for upcoming events, change my thermostat, play games, set lights to come on as I move around my room at night and stay in touch with family and friends!"

Administrators and caregivers also can use the software system to gather resident analytics, monitor building management and capture reportable feedback from residents.

"Spring Arbor is committed to improving the standards of our communities and by adding technology based amenities for the residents, we're enhancing our program while at the same time pushing the industry forward," added Richard Williams, Senior Vice President of HHHunt's Spring Arbor Senior Living Communities. "Hearing directly from our residents that K4Community is helping them live a more enjoyable and purposeful life is the reason we implemented K4Community in the first place."

The technology will be implemented at five assisted living sites across the mid-Atlantic, and HHHunt plans to incorporate K4Community directly into its new senior living buildings in the future, Williams said.

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