Smooth sailing on the dementia cruise

One organization is raising the anchor to help people with dementia enjoy a family vacation.

Alzheimer’s Speaks is arranging a seven-day Caribbean cruise and symposium to educate families on the disease and let them soak in some sun in a safe environment. Those on board will receive resources, tips and tools to help them live better with and alongside dementia.

“Our conference is designed to encourage open conversations, raise awareness and build a sense of comradery while rejuvenating souls,” says Lori La Bey, radio host and founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks in a press release. “We want to help people expand their relationships while functioning as caregiver and care receiver.”

La Bey was inspired to organize a cruise based on her experience taking a family cruise with her mom who had dementia, her dad who had brain cancer, her siblings and their children.

The group sets sail Nov. 11. from Fort Lauderdale and heads to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and St. Thomas.


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