Seniors steal the spotlight

It’s a day in the life for south Florida seniors, and it’s being shown on the big screen.

The upcoming Christian comedy “Salted Christmas: One Family, One Day, One Purpose” shows a multi-generational family deeply involved in ministry a Saturday before Christmas. The feature-length film was shot, among other sites, at La Posada, a Kisco Senior Living community in Palm Beach Garden, Florida.

“I couldn’t have imagined a better location to create this film,” said producer Don McChesney and chairman of Manifest Pictures, a Fort Lauderdale-based Christian movie production company, in a Kisco press release. “Who knew that there were so many talented actors and actresses as well?”

In addition to production at the facility, the film also stars some of its residents.  “I never thought I would have to wait until I was in my 80’s to be a star, but the best part was getting to know McChesney and his team,” said Michael Liddle, a longtime aspiring actor.

Resident Gerry Gelley describes the 22-day production as a valuable experience. “It gave me insight into the challenges that actors have in adapting to different characters.”

Resident Noel Trachtenberg got a different but equally valuable experience as an on-site manager. “When I was first approached about this opportunity, I didn’t realize how much work it would entail. Not only did extras need to be recruited, but they needed constant written and telephone reminders of where they needed to be when and, if necessary, what they needed to wear. I also took photos of every scene that our actors and extras were involved in, assisted with payments.”

Manifest Pictures is working for a November 2017 release.


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