Self-management of chronic diseases can keep seniors healthy

A new program designed to allow seniors to manage their chronic conditions is being offered by, supported by a grant from the Verizon Foundation. Education and technology will join hands to educate 20 San Francisco-area seniors on how to handle their chronic diseases to maintain their health and activity level.

For six weeks, the seniors enrolled in the weekly program will learn techniques to enable them to deal with problems such as fatigue, agility and mobility. They will also be given technological tools to track vital signs and monitor their hearts.

Every attendee also will receive a pedometer to track the number of steps to meet the goal of 10,000 steps a day.

A study by the Division of Family and Community Medicine in Stanford University’s School of Medicine noted that people who participate in a chronic disease self-management program enjoyed improvements in exercise, social interaction, communication with their physicians. They experienced less heart distress and fatigue and spent fewer days in the hospital.

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