Pharmacy group launches website

The Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition (SCPC), launched in January, has announced its new website.

“Our mission is to help ensure lawmakers, regulators, staff and the broader healthcare policy community understand why independent long-term care (LTC) pharmacies are increasingly important to seniors’ care, the significant difference between retail and LTC pharmacies and the unique impact of policy challenges on this crucial element of our healthcare delivery system,” SCPC President and CEO Alan G. Rosenbloom said in a statement.

The SCPC represents companies that own and operate independent LTC pharmacies in 40 about states, serving more than 325,000 residents in skilled nursing centers and assisted living communities. The group’s issue agenda, Rosenbloom said, is guided by these overarching principles:

  • Clinical efficacy and achieving optimal patient outcomes;
  • Pricing transparency and marketplace equity;
  • Regulatory efficiency, effectiveness and fairness; and
  • Policy prescriptions that anticipate and act on future trends related to our LTC and post-acute care populations.

Within this framework, SCPC’s current focus is on these four issues:

  • Maximum allowable cost pricing,
  • Medicare Part D lock-in,
  • Drug Enforcement Agency relationships and
  • Protecting 2016 daily dispensing fee rule implementation.

More information is available online.

Topics: Advocacy