Omnicare to pay $50M for improper distribution of controlled substances to LTC residents

Charged with illegally dispensing painkillers without the proper prescriptions or authorizations required by the Controlled Substance Act, Covington, Ky-based Omnicare, the nation’s second largest LTC pharmacy provider, agreed to a $50 million civil settlement with the Department of Justice following a Drug Enforcement Agency investigation of complaints.  

Complaints levied against Omnicare included dispensing medications without essential information such as dosage, strength and quantity and improper documentation of partially filled prescriptions.

Under terms of the settlement, Omnicare can continue to dispense medication provided it pays the $50 million within the next few days. An eprescribing program for controlled substances within institutional markets is expected to improve quality and adhere to DEA regulations for such drugs within the LTC market.

Topics: Regulatory Compliance