Omnicare appoints interim CEO in wake of Figueroa’s resignation

Following the Omnicare Board of Directors acceptance of CEO John Figueroa’s resignation earlier this week, the board named CFO John L. Workman as interim CEO.

In tendering his resignation on Monday, Figueroa said that he had accomplished his goal of making Omnicare, a long-term care pharmacy benefits supplier, a more operations-driven, customer- focused company since he accepted the position in January 2011.

In another move, the board named Executive Vice President and President of Specialty Care Division Nitin Sahney to the additional position of chief operating officer.

In addition to acting as interim CEO John L. Workman will continue his responsibilities as president and CFO. In accepting the position, Workman stated in a release, “To drive profitability and sustainable growth, we will continue to be focused on processes, technology and people that improve customer service and efficiency.”

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