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SNF nursing hourly wages swing by state

August 9, 2016
by Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief
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Ah, if only we could all work in California. Or Connecticut or North Dakota.

How much hourly nurses in nursing homes get paid varies greatly by state,* according to the Nursing Home Salary and Benefits Report 2016-2017, released this week by the Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service.

Staff nurses (RNs) in California nursing homes earn an average of $33.32 per hour, almost $10 dollars per hour more than their counterparts in Ohio and $6 above the national average. Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) make top dollar in Connecticut at an average of $27.52 per hour, while LPNs make the worst pay in Louisiana at just $17.72 per hour, on average.

Certified nurse aides (CNAs) should head for the hills of North Dakota, which pays an average of $16.28 per hour, $4 higher than the national average. At $9.23, the worst pay rates are in Louisiana, the only one of the 45 responding states paying less than $10 per hour.

The pay ranges are flatter for non-certified CNAs, with the highest average pay rates coming from Colorado ($11.92) and lowest from Mississippi ($7.42), compared to a national average of $10.13.

Data was much more limited for certified medication technicians—nursing homes in only 13 states provided data in this category—but the high mark is Maryland at an average of $16.71 per hour and the lowest pay in Kansas at $12.22 per hour.

*Not all states responded to all categories.