My missing printer

As I have written in my blog it took longer than I thought it would to acquire a new computer. The vendor was new to me and that was challenging. Then I had difficulty finding a laser printer small enough to fit in the space of my old one. I also decided to try a portable scanner to see if it would work for me. By July's end I had located all of the computer accessories I needed. After they were ordered I told the staff three boxes would be shipped to the nursing home.

A few days later two items arrived and I asked the staff to lock them up. I also reminded them my printer would be coming and asked that it be locked with the others until computer set up day.

Then the facility had to strip and wax my floor and scheduling that took some time. Earlier this month I got sick which held computer delivery up a couple of weeks more.

When I gave the computer tech the okay for delivery, I learned he had forgotten to order a vital software program. So I delayed delivery. I wanted my new computer to include most of the software on my old system. Without that program I was missing a vital component.

Last Tuesday when the computer tech came to set up my computer, I asked the receptionist to give him the three boxes I had ordered. She looked rather startled and said only two boxes had arrived. I was confused but asked her to give him what she had and I would check out the situation later. It turned out he was only given the portable scanner and the ink toner cartridge. I could not understand what had happened to the printer.

While the tech worked on the set up, I watched. Several minutes later the receptionist came flying into my room apologizing profusely for her error. She said when my printer arrived she thought it was for the nurse's station, and it had been installed there.

I remained calm and I said to the receptionist, "Well, I guess it works.” She agreed that it did. But, she also said if anything was wrong with it she would have to replace it with her own money.

Though the tech offered to set up the printer, the receptionist had given me no installation CD. So I asked the receptionist to keep the printer temporarily until the whole situation was clearer.

I spoke with the receptionist and the assistant director of nursing and explained to them that my warranty would probably not be valid if the software had been installed under the facility's name.

The receptionist called the printer's manufacturer and explained the mix-up. They registered the warranty in my name and I can download the software from their website. Unfortunately, I still have to get a USB cable to connect the printer to my computer.

I am certainly glad we could solve this difficulty. But it makes me scratch my head and wonder how such a mistake occurred.

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