Muses Labs, George Washington partner to offer patients MEND Protocol

The George Washington Center for Integrative Medicine (GWCIM) has partnered with Muses Labs to offer its patients the MEND Protocol.

Muses Labs developed the MEND Protocol to address the underlying causes of Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment using big data. The MEND Protocol is designed for people with pre- and early-symptomatic cognitive decline, mild Alzheimer’s disease and those with a family history of dementia.

“Our guiding principles center on personal empowerment and responsibility, helping our team of providers develop care plans tailored to fit individual needs,” says Mikhail Kogan, MD, Medical Director at GWCIM and member of the Muses Labs advisory board. “These principles are a natural fit with Muses Labs’ mission and vision of working collaboratively with patients, caregivers and providers in a data-driven manner to address the underlying drivers of cognitive decline unique to each patient—to improve outcomes.”

Topics: Alzheimer's/Dementia