More departures from national Alzheimer’s Association

The central Texas chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association is the latest to separate from the national organization, citing dissatisfaction over the recent financial reorganization at the national level. The group, operating as a nonprofit chapter since 1982, will begin using a new name—Alzheimer’s Texas—and will remain locally funded and operated.

The Austin, Texas-based entity is the sixth chapter to part ways with the national association, joining greater New Jersey; Orange County, Calif.; San Diego/Imperial Counties; New York City and greater Los Angeles. The six chapters together represent 38 million individuals and a combined annual budget of nearly $24 million.

Skirmishes began in October when the national association voted to transfer financial control of the association from local chapters to the Chicago headquarters, which would collect 40 percent of central Texas’ funds and all of the funding for research. The central Texas chapter balked at the idea, saying that funds raised in Texas should be used for Texas programs and supports.

"We have a new name, but we offer the same service, support and commitment," said Christian Wells, President of Alzheimer’s Texas. "By disaffiliating, we retain critical flexibility to respond quickly to community needs and we retain the authority to innovate and control our ongoing programs and service. This action also allows us to commit to our community and donors that all funds raised in Central Texas will be retained for use in our geographic region and not shared with the National Chicago office."

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