Medalogix launches data analytics for home healthcare

One of the stumbling blocks in post-acute care is knowing when—and why—a particular person might need further home care or intervention in order to prevent unnecessary hospital visits, and what those interventional actions might be.

Nashville-based Medalogix has introduced new software, called Nurture, that uses data analytics and business intelligence tools to discern which patients might need further home care in the future and provides ways to follow up with those patients.

The software uses electronic medical record (EMR) data to rank patients who have recently been discharged, analyzing the patient’s probability of need for home care. The system’s business intelligence engine assists case managers in knowing who needs a follow up and why—and who needs to be a priority in the case manager’s follow-up queue. The system also includes dashboards for clinical managers and executives to measure performance measures.

“We used to export a recently discharged list from our EMR, track it in a spreadsheet or within CRM [customer relationship management] and then manually call hundreds of discharged patients each month,” said Doug Glassmeyer, vice president of partnership development at Alternate Solutions Health Network, where the software has recently completed beta-testing trials. “Nuture seamlessly integrates with our EMR and helps us call the appropriate patients first, which saves time and helps us reach the patients who truly need us first.”

Using the software increased Alternate Solution’s ability to handle home healthcare needs, especially among recently-discharged patients, Glassmeyer said. “Nurture helps us increase the efficiency of our discharged-patient planning or after-care programs by incorporating analytics and streamlining our processes.”


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