Medalogix launches data analytics for home health

Medalogix, Nashville, Tenn., has released a new data analytics system to assist in creating care plans for home health. The SunLeaper system uses the highest level of analytics—prescriptive analytics—to help the care team navigate through the care plan choices based on tens of thousands of actual patient records rather than a single diagnosis-level care plan.

The technology takes into account that not all patients react the same way to the same diagnosis, and that individualized care plans can be more effective than longer courses of baseline care. Vanderbilt data scientists peer-reviewed Medalogix’s models and found them to be more accurate than the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) publicly available risk adjustment models, the company announced.

“SunLeaper takes all possible pathways into account, combined with dynamic, ever changing and personalized clinical information and suggests the best care plan,” explains Dan Hogan, Medalogix founder and CEO, in a release. “We have designed this tool with the understanding that patients all travel different pathways in their recoveries.”

The system integrates with hospice and home health electronic health records from several vendors, and a full open API is expected in early 2017.

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