Man sues nursing home for infection resulting in penile amputation

A 60-year-old man filed a $9 million lawsuit against a Portland, Ore., nursing home for ignoring a catheter infection that required his penis to be amputated.

The lawsuit says the man went to Oregon City Health Care Center in December 2013 to recover from a kidney infection. Staff ignored the man’s complaints about a pain and bleeding around his catheter.

Nearly a month into his stay, the pain was so bad the man discharged himself from the nursing home against the staff's advice, the suit states. He then sought medical care at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center where doctors immediately treated him for sepsis.

According to the lawsuit, the man suffered other injuries including acute diastolic heart failure, kidney damage, breathing problems and anemia.

The nursing home, its parent company Prestige Care, and two nurses are listed as defendants.

The Oregon Board of Nursing proposed revoking both nurses’ licenses for their treatment in this case and another. The nurses are contesting the proposal. A hearing date hasn’t been scheduled yet.

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