LPN the best job without a college degree

The No. 1 job that doesn’t require a college degree is a licensed practical nurse.

Simply Hired ranked the best jobs that don’t requires a college degree for 2016. LPNs have an average salary of $38,776, a salary at the middle of the list. But there are nearly 56,000 jobs available, thousands above the rest, signaling growth—and potential.

The rationale: “A growing occupation in a growing industry, LPN roles grew by nearly 18 percent in 2015. Incremental education programs exist to help LPNs transition to RN positions.”

Three other healthcare professions made the list:

7. Massage therapists

9. Phlebotomists

10. Emergency dispatchers

"While U.S. job listings have only grown slightly over the past two months, our data shows significant opportunities continue to exist for Americans who do not hold a college degree,” says James Beriker, President and CEO of Simply Hired in an executive summary. “Licensed Practical Nurse tops the list, reflecting the dominant role of healthcare in job creation at all levels.”

Jobs were ranked based on several factors including average salary, number of jobs available, geographic distribution of jobs across the country, past and projected growth for the job and its industry and potential career paths for workers in these roles along with certifications or licenses beyond a high school diploma.

See the full list, with breakdowns of openings by geography and company, here.

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