Lippincott Procedures adds physical therapy component

Lippincott Procedures, the nation’s leading point-of-care clinical procedural guidelines software, is adding physical therapy (PT) procedures to its repertoire. Physical therapy is the second non-nursing discipline to be added to the guidelines, following the addition of respiratory therapy last year.

The PT unit will include more than 50 procedures, but organizations can add other procedures and organization-specific guidelines.

“Many customers add their own non-nursing disciplines, using the product as the information-delivery platform. We’re just making it a lot easier now by helping provide standardized PT content that we update and review for them,” said Carolyn Dalton, senior digital product manager at Wolters Kluwer Health, the developer of the Lippincott Procedures software.

Part of the PT unit is available now, and the remainder will be provided in the April quarterly software update, according to a company press release.

Topics: Clinical