Leaving life on your terms

Death and taxes…these are two things that can’t be avoided no matter how much we dislike having to deal with them. While you can’t control the tax base, new assessments and the like, you can give testimony on how you or a loved one would like to leave this earth by preparing thoughtful advance directives and assigning powers of attorney.

Jo Kline Cebuhar, JD, has written a guide, Last things first, just in case…, to help people navigate and understand the rights and responsibilities of healthcare decision making. According to Cebuhar, “You’ll find the process is simple and inexpensive but the payoff [relieving loved ones of decision making at a stressful time] is huge.

Cebuhar's manual on the rights and responsibilities for end-of-life decision making is written in clear, non-lawyer language that is easy to understand.

Why are these documents important? It’s been more than seven years since Terry Schiavo dominated the headlines in 2005. In 1990, she slipped into a vegetative state and that was the beginning of the legal battles for her right to die.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 30 or 80 years old, futures can change in an instant as it did for Terry. Make sure that those you love and those who love you have a clear indication on how you want to leave this world.

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