Integrace opens dementia day/night programs

Need a break? Integrace Copper Ridge, Sykesville, Maryland, is launching a new adult day program specializing in care for those with dementia. The Peabody Club, limited to 12 members per session, will offer clinical resources, meals, engagement activities and transportation—all focused on the unique needs of those with dementia. In February, Copper Ridge plans to open a night program as well. The programs will be the first in the Baltimore region to offer specialized programming, dining and clinical support tailored to people with memory care needs.

“Our mission at the Peabody Club is to provide individuals living with dementia a safe and engaging environment where they can experience joy and meaning in life that is consistent with their daily or nightly routines,” said Jessica Larson, RN, BSN, CCM, program director of the Peabody Club. “Our program will be tailored to the individual, honoring each member’s interests, strengths and abilities. And in addition, we’ll be providing their families with the break they may need to work, rest, or take care of other aspects of life.” 

Copper Ridge is recognized as a national innovator in memory care. The site also includes the Senator William and Ellen Proxmire Memory Clinic, specializing in comprehensive evaluations and customized plans for people experiencing changes in memory or cognitive ability.

Topics: Alzheimer's/Dementia