iN2L launches new tablet

It’s Never 2 Late, the leader in providing person-centered digital engagement, announced that more than 20 assisted living and long-term care (LTC) communities have pre-ordered iN2L Focus, a new tablet device scaled to meet the needs of seniors, regardless of their physical and cognitive abilities.

iN2L Focus re-imagines everyday tablet technology to incorporate the core dimensions of wellness as well as choice, dignity, respect, self-determination and purposeful living. The tablet’s engagement and communication features offer residents, their loved ones and caregivers a single, intuitive tool to support:

  • social connection
  • intellectual curiosity
  • spiritual and emotional support
  • personal interests.

The iN2L Focus tablet includes programming for education, spirituality, music, games, exercise and more, all launched with applications designed with the senior user experience in mind. Content programming is selected per each resident’s interests and needs from iN2L’s continually updated content. In addition, iN2L Focus features video chat, photo sharing, text and email, enabling residents and their loved ones to easily communicate and socialize.

Front Porch retirement, active adult living and affordable housing communities were early beta testers of the Focus tablets and the first adopters of them. Data indicates that in 2017, Front Porch residents and staff have logged more than 30,000 hours using various iN2L formats.

“iN2L Focus promotes social connectedness as well as cognitive activity among all our residents, enhancing the way we deliver meaningful care,” said Davis Park, director of the Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing, a program that promotes technology innovations to empower the lives of Front Porch residents and the older adult population at-large.

“The versatility of 1N2L Focus allows it to be used one-to-one with caregivers and residents, in small groups or independently by residents,” said iN2L president and co-founder Jack York. “In addition, it provides LTC staff opportunities to interact and engage with the people they care for in ways that are unique and personalized.”

iN2L Focus also provides staff with a mobile digital tool to aid in care workflow and increase resident engagement. With seamless implementation, caregivers can easily send announcements and notifications, and configure device settings for each resident per their clinical needs and demographic interests.

“We found that caregivers from any department could pick up iN2L Focus and use it easily to engage a resident one-on-one,” said Cameo Rogers, life enrichment coordinator for Vetter Health Services. “It has been a positive relationship building tool.”

Research suggests that digital engagement technology may slow the progression of dementia, reduce reliance on antidepressant medication and mitigate cognitive decline associated with loneliness, depression and boredom. Nearly 50 percent of LTC residents experience mild to chronic depression, which can often be mistaken for dementia. An estimated 900,000 residents take one or more antidepressant medications, which makes them susceptible to a host of negative side effects.

“iN2L Focus could not have come at a better time,” York said. “By 2050, nearly 84 million Americans will be 65 and over. They will be living longer and experiencing a number of physical and cognitive health issues. At the same time, there will be a serious shortage of skilled care providers to manage the needs of this population. Now is the time to leverage solutions that will meaningfully help both seniors and the people caring for them respond to the challenges ahead.”

Focus officially launches in October. 

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