How to keep belongings safe

Deedrick (pseudonym) came here about a month ago. I assume he came from another facility although I do not know for sure. It was clear there were problems controlling his diabetes which may have affected his behavior and ability to cope. But ever since Deedrick came he has always been quiet.

Usually each morning he walked to the dining room with a large box. I learned it was his laptop and accessories. I heard he was taking classes online. But, as he became more comfortable here, he took the laptop to the dining room to read, study or listen to music while waiting for breakfast. 

I thought it was great that he was taking online classes, which would keep him occupied and in touch with others. It would make his small nursing home world much larger. 

I wanted to warn Deedrick to be careful with his laptop. I wondered if another resident might have a behavior and damage or destroy it. I was also concerned that someone might take it. But I hated to make him wary and I hoped the staff had warned him to be careful with it. 

Last night after supper Deedrick was using his laptop at his usual table on the far side of the dining room by the parking lot. When an aide had time to shave him, he was called away from his laptop. When he returned to the dining room the laptop was gone, except for one or two small parts left lying in the parking lot. 

It appeared someone outside pushed the screen away, opened the window, grabbed the laptop and its accessories and disappeared into the night.

Today Deedrick is holding up better than I would be. His demeanor was calm this morning. But he no longer has a laptop for classes or entertainment. I feel badly for him.

Since Deedrick got the laptop and accessories from different sources, including the online site where he was taking classes, I hope there will be a way to replace it. 

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