High five for LTC part 2: Love and passion

The “High Five for LTC!” are the things that are needed for each of us in this field to get through the day. Last time we looked at #1—Courage. Today we will explore #2 and #3—Love and Passion.

2. Love. This is the missing ingredient that many, many people desperately need, like some of our residents who are abandoned by guilt-ridden families. They are left with no love, no hope, and no life. How many of us have heard a resident call out our name in desperation, with hope that we will come? We have a responsibility to love every person that we meet. In the high-tech field of nursing, touch is still the most significant thing that we can offer to help heal or to just let them go. Touch them, hug them, and show them you love them. Remember, you will never look into the eyes of someone that God does not love.

3. Passion. Passion is the power that gets us through the day. Passion is the muscle that gets us through the things so cruelly handed to us by life. Each day we look into the eyes of those who desperately need us and realize that to continue doing this job, we need zeal, we need passion—it is what brings us back in the morning, after laying to rest one of our beloved. Death is commonplace in this field and passion is a necessary ingredient to fuel those who are truly gifted to care for our aging population. It is deep within your heart and comes out when you need it most. Do you speak with passion about what you do? Are you proud to say you make a difference in the lives of the elderly? I certainly am!

Next post we will finish our look at the “High Five for LTC!”

Author Frieda Stewart, RN, is the Director of Nursing at Corn Heritage Village in Corn, Oklahoma; the owner and CEO of VitalAttitudes, LLC; and a public speaker who travels all across the United States.

Topics: Staffing