Healthcare IT and me

I read with interest an article about a blind woman who was unable to use a digital tablet to complete healthcare intake paperwork. A staff person input her information, which did not give her privacy.

I know how that woman feels. For years, I have had to get assistance from my caregiver/driver to fill out intake paperwork at offices, medical centers and clinics, making it necessary for someone else to know my medical history.

I used to keep a list of major health events in my computer and would print it to take with me whenever I saw a new healthcare provider. Most doctors' offices did not like my idea. So I went back to my caregiver/driver filling out intake forms and giving me no privacy.

I have not encountered much IT in my own healthcare. Although, when I see a physician at a major university's medical center, I cannot get my wheelchair into the cubicle to register, let alone use a digital signing pad. So I have my driver sign for me.

I think it would be helpful if intake paperwork for patients was available online. That way we could fill it out ourselves, print it and take it to our medical appointment. That would protect my privacy and not require me to remember important healthcare facts while sitting in an office waiting for an appointment.


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