Funding innovation

There's an exciting new grant fund available for those with the next great ideas for improving senior care.

As many Long-Term Living readers know, our parent company, Vendome Group, established the Institute for the Advancement of Senior Care (IASC) in late 2015 to foster innovation and best practices for administrative and clinical professionals working throughout the continuum of senior care.

Now, IASC is taking the next step in its mission with the creation of the Institute for the Advancement of Senior Care Fund. Through a new grant program, the IASC Fund will be used to contribute financial support to non-profit organizations who share IASC’s best-practice goals and have projects or programs of interest to the IASC community. The IASC Fund is intended to support ongoing programs as well as new projects designed to enhance and improve senior care.

The IASC Fund grants will range in amount and will be awarded based upon a simple proposal process outlined at Eligible projects can include tools and programs for a wide array of topics within senior care and wellness, including aging in place, enhancing mobility and independence, improving life in senior care settings, advancing memory care and dementia therapies, providing person-centered activity programming, and keeping seniors connected and active.

“IASC aims to serve as a platform for original ideas and existing programs centered on evidence, results and research,” says Adam Armstrong, director of IASC. “We’re looking for groups with real results based on projects they have seen work in their communities. Broader exposure of these projects and programs may have the potential to change the way seniors live and can make a difference in the way we all approach providing care to our seniors.”

The grant program gives support to critical projects and serves as a way for IASC to give back to the senior community, Armstrong says. “We’re looking to support projects and programs that both address and make a difference in the lives of seniors.”

If your organization wishes to apply for a grant, please visit the IASC website to submit your brief proposal and supporting documentation. Applicants will receive a response within 60 days of submission. Applicants who are selected for funding will be contacted individually to inform them of their awarded grant. Some programs may be featured by IASC through future community educational resources.

Encourage those on your team and others with worthy projects to explore the fund’s opportunities—and spread the mission of helping seniors live full, healthy and vibrant lives.

Topics: Executive Leadership