Floor cleaning day Part 2

I was concerned about my floor being stripped and waxed because it upsets my routine. Since I wanted things to run smoothly, I had my driver, Debra, come at 8 a.m. on Thursday to help the maintenance guys move things. That way I knew I would have some idea where things were put. 

Since I could not be involved in the process, I headed to the dining room at 8 a.m. for a quick breakfast. While I was gone Debra unloaded many of the things from a closet so it could be more easily moved. Then she spent several confusing minutes looking all over the facility for me. No one told her I was in an unoccupied resident's room with an aide finishing my morning care. 

When maintenance began working on my floor, we headed out. When we returned at 3 p.m. my floor was drying. The last coat of wax went on 3:10 p.m. I hoped it would dry quickly so moving furniture would not mar it. 

Debra and I waited in the hallway. When I noticed cobwebs on the furniture, I got a duster from housekeeping and Debra dusted it all before it went back into the room. 

Once the floor was dry maintenance began to move things back into the room.  But, because they were in a hurry to end their day, my clothes closet was put too close to the wall. We tried to get the head maintenance guy to adjust its position.  But at 4:30 p.m. he said, "I have this.” Then he and a helper backed out of my room and left, saying, "The girls can help you." 

When we tried to put an item in the clothes closet one door would not open. We asked for maintenance but were told they were gone for the day. 

Two full clothes baskets and a tote sat in the hallway. While Debra moved them back into my closet, an aide said, "If you want to lie down, we have to do it now!"

Since I did want to lie down, Debra had to move out of the way. After I was in bed, I asked the aides if they could help Debra put a couple of things away.  They said, "It's too close to dinner and we're too busy.”  With that, they turned and left. 

Even though some things did not get put away and will have to wait until this week I felt floor cleaning day went better because maintenance got some extra assistance to get things out of and back into the room. 

Topics: Clinical , Facility management