Faster wound healing spurred by innovative treatments

From simple honey treatments to silver dressings to negative pressure therapy, skin wounds (ulcers, burns, surgical sites) are a serious treatment issue worldwide. In its latest report, Kalorama Information, a medical market research firm, indicates that advances in wound care treatments have generated revenues of $16.1 billion in 2011.

Because of the gravity of wound treatment, scientific research is ongoing, requiring constant innovation. As people age, there is an increase in the incidences of skin wounds. Faster healing can reduce complications that a can arise from a wound that is nonresponsive to treatment or slower to heal.

Kalorama expects the market to continue to grow as the senior population grows, with rising rates of chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity and other factors.

Mary Ann Crandall, a Kalorama Information wound care analyst said in a release, “Speed-healing products such as growth factors and protease modulating wound dressings are among the types of products showing stronger revenue growth as they demonstrate good results.”

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