ECRI launches remote patient monitoring consulting service

The ECRI Institute is launching a consulting service to improve remote patient monitoring and help care facilities reduce hospital readmissions. The service will consult hospitals on the best technology and methods to track patients after discharge and reduce readmission rates.

The nonprofit organization’s new service includes evidence-based patient assessments to determine monitoring need, clinical protocols and risk management guidelines to choose the most effective monitoring methods for the specific chronic condition, vendor-neutral technology selection tools and implementation planning assistance.

The service is touted as a way to navigate the complex environments of care coordination and chronic disease management.

“Hospitals need a trusted partner to help them explore what is essentially uncharted territory for reducing patient readmissions,” says Thomas E. Skorup, MBA, FACHE, vice president, Applied Solutions Group, ECRI Institute, in an announcement. “ECRI is uniquely qualified to empower leaders to take on the challenges of developing and implementing a successful remote patient monitoring program.”

Topics: Risk Management , Technology & IT