Dedicated staff enhances a facility’s reputation

You know when someone loves his or her job, especially in the service professions. The waitperson that truly gives friendly and efficient service adds to a restaurant’s reputation. And you’ll be loyal to the store where the clerk that notices that your liter of soda is leaking and replaces it with an undamaged one. In many areas of daily life, you run into people who go the extra mile and make your day run smoother.

Long-term care employees are no exception. Whether they are professional caregivers, administrative staff or ancillary personal, their quick, congenial service is what is remembered by residents and their families.

Understanding how important client relationships are to success, Port Chester Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Centre in Port Chester, NY, has established the “Spotlight on Excellence” program to honor an outstanding worker who demonstrate excellence in areas such as teamwork, integrity, caring and more.  The outstanding employee is voted on by residents and their families—the people that staff serve.

Gregory Spence, a member of the facility’s maintenance department and the first “Spotlight on Excellence” winner, exemplifies the organization’s core in his daily duties. Spence received a cash award and his photo will be placed on Port Chester’s Wall of Fame.

Administrator Stephen Carey explains: “Whether summoned for an electric bed adjustment or a computer that is not working properly, Greg is always happy and cheerful, reflecting what a great team player should be.”

Greg Spence is one outstanding man in an outstanding facility. I’m sure there are many more dedicated staff that are the cornerstones of successful organizations. Whether they are called “heroes,” “stars” or simply “employee of the month,” they are the “faces” of your facility and the quality of caring you provide.

Topics: Staffing