Credentialing, standards, public policy on assisted living agenda

Credentialing, standards and public policy in the senior living industry were on the agenda when the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) hosted 35 of its state partners this week in Washington, DC.

State partners indicated that some of their most pressing issues include addressing the increasing acuity of residents and current life safety codes, according to the organization. “There was strong recognition among the group that the senior living industry has changed since ALFA was founded 25 years ago,” ALFA President and CEO James Balda said.

Ninety-four percent of assisted living residents said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall quality of life in their community in a 2013 survey. Today, according to ALFA, 99 percent of senior living residents say they feel safe or very safe in their community. “This meeting between ALFA and its state partners really shows the spirit of partnership and collaboration that will lead us all too even greater success,” said ALFA Michigan Chapter Counsel Bob Stein.

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