Casey Kasem receiving comfort care

Casey Kasem, experiencing sepsis, dementia and Parkinson's disease, is now receiving comfort care in a Washington state hospital were he has been receiving medical care since June 1, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The newspaper reports that a judge ruled Wednesday that the 82-year-old former syndicated radio personality's adult daughter Kerri was permitted to allow drugs, food and liquids to be withheld from her father.

“For people who do not understand the natural dying process: Giving food and water to a dying body creates pain and further suffering. The body does not want or require food or water anymore in the dying process," Kerri wrote on her Facebook page. "My father can no longer digest foods and fluids fill his lungs up and will suffocate him. My Dad IS on pain meds."

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Casey Kasem during 14th Annual Night of 100 Stars Oscar Gala in 2004 at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Photo by Victor Spinelli/WireImage)

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