Briggs, MatrixCare partner for home care EMR

Briggs Healthcare is happy to announce a partnership with MatrixCare to provide Home Care users with its documentation through eBriggs.

eBriggs is a digital plug-and-play content solution for Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems that offers full integration between HTML and advanced PDF technology to provide users with the Briggs forms they know and trust to be regulatory compliant. These forms possess the intuitive features of workflow triggers, structured drop downs and required mandatory field entry ensuring that the online forms and stored data contain the integrity necessary for trusted care of patients and accurate reporting.

“This partnership brings together a superior post-acute EMR system with a long-time trusted source of documentation. Using eBriggs integrated with MatrixCare, users will experience a smoother transition to documenting in an EMR,” said Dustin Epstein, Briggs Healthcare’s Chief Digital Officer.

“By partnering with Briggs to embed industry approved and tested forms, we can offer a much broader suite of assessments and notes to our clients in all lines of home care and home health. Rather than descend into a black hole of forms design and constant change requests, standardizing on the Briggs form set allows us to focus our efforts on workflow, usability, business intelligence and clinical decision support, leading to better outcomes and a happier, more productive care team,” said Joe Kraus, SVP & President of Home Care Solutions at MatrixCare.

About Briggs

Briggs Healthcare has been a trusted partner and a leading provider of a variety of products and services to the long-term care, assisted living, home care, hospice, hospital, physician and clinics and other health care markets for more than 70 years. Briggs serves more than 50,000 customers with professional documentation systems and forms, compliance services and data submission and analytic capabilities through our subsidiary SimpleLTC. 

About MatrixCare

MatrixCare solutions have powered the long-term care continuum for over 30 years. MatrixCare is the largest LTPAC technology provider in the US and the first to offer a true full-spectrum solution. Used in more than 12,000 facility-based care settings and 2,000 home care and home health agency locations, MatrixCare’s solutions help skilled nursing and senior living providers, life plan communities (CCRCs), home health and home care organizations prosper as we migrate to a fee-for-value healthcare system. 

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