Beating the facility’s heat

Over the last week or so the temperature each day has been in the 90s and the heat index over 100 degrees. When I was young, I barely noticed these hot spells because a trip to the pool promised instant coolness. But today at 62 years old there is really no place to go to get away from the heat except for my room, which has a window air conditioner.

This facility is quite warm. There is some air conditioning but it does not really cool much on a day with 90-plus degree heat. Waiting outside the door to my room to be taken to the bathroom can cause me to have difficulty breathing.

Residents really have nowhere to go outside to enjoy the good weather or watch the traffic drive by. I have heard there has been discussion about creating such a place. Presently, there is lawn beside the front steps. I think the steps could be eliminated and a gradual, cement ramp with a cement fenced area be put in its place.

Maybe an outside sitting area was never developed previously because many residents cannot leave without supervision. But residents would be happier with a larger, fenced area where they could go outside without supervision, and maybe catch a breeze during these stuffy, hot days.

When it is warm like this, the back dining room where I eat is uncomfortable. Saturday it was just too hot in there for me to eat. I hope the air-conditioning is fixed soon—the aides and residents will continue to be red-faced every day that it is over 95.

Topics: Housing