Author’s royalties to benefit the National Hospice Foundation

Award-winning author and photographer Judith Fox has firsthand knowledge of the importance of hospice and palliative caregiving. Her new book, One Foot Forward: Stories and Faces of Widows and Widowers, tells the personal stories of the grief and growth 20 men and women experienced when they lost their spouses. As a widow and now a caregiver, she has traveled the same road as those she has chronicled in her new book.

Proceeds from the book will benefit the National Hospice Foundation (NHF). A strong believer and advocate of the hospice and palliative care, Fox wants to support their mission on a national level.

Fox is no stranger to this personal devastation. In 1992, she lost her first husband to cancer and three years after her marriage to her second husband, Dr. Ed Ackell, the couple learned that he had Alzheimer’s disease.  In her first book, I Still Do: Loving and Living with Alzheimer’s, Fox shares the couple’s experience dealing with the disease.

“Because I was widowed before, it’s difficult not to think about the pain that I know is ahead of me when Ed dies,” she said in a release. Having experienced the pain and challenges before, she understands what lies ahead and that inspired her book.

As healthcare professionals, you encounter many people who are on the same journey as Fox and know how much support and guidance families, especially spouses, need at this time of final good-byes. Fox lets people know that they are not alone.

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