Atria Senior Living inspires curiosity through journaling

Curiosity keep the brain’s wheels turning and provides a sense of purpose in learning, and a senior living chain has combined them in a new inspirational journal for older adults—starting with a free copy for every one of their residents.

Atria Senior Living, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, has created a book that encourages older adults to reflect on life’s lessons and examine specific topics like silence, dreams, ethics and personal convictions. The Wisdom of Curiosity is a cross between a journal and a calendar, providing 52 weeks of exploration. Anecdotes, thoughts for the day, tiny projects, self-evaluations and reflections intermingle with spaces for recording thoughts, goals and emotions. Each week contains a “well-being check-in” and the “wisdom of the week.” Atria plans programming that dovetails with the weekly content in the book, keeping the journal fresh in residents’ minds.

“I’ve had the privilege to meet and be inspired by Atria residents across the country,” said Atria’s Well-Being Coach, sports icon and social justice pioneer Billie Jean King, in the organization’s announcement. “They know that being older and wiser doesn’t mean you stop being curious–in fact, it’s the time to be more curious than ever. The Wisdom of Curiosity will no doubt fuel their inquisitive spirits and serve them well on the path to greater well-being.” 

Atria, which operates 190 senior living communities serving 21,000 residents in the United States and Canada, creates a new project each year. Its prior publications have included Field Notes From an Adventurous Life and The Wisdom of Gratitude.

The Wisdom of Curiosity is available at Barnes & Noble.

Topics: Activities , Alzheimer's/Dementia