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Retirement community celebrates 14 centenarians

June 22, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Sunset Retirement Communities and Services in Jenison held a Centenarian celebration as 14 of its residents are turning 100-years-old, or older, in 2018.

Senator calls for open VA nursing home ratings

June 22, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

U.S. Senator Doug Jones Tuesday filed an amendment that would require the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to submit an annual report on or before November 11 to the U.S. Congress on the ratings given to VA-run nursing homes.

Millennial caregivers pay large out-of-pocket costs, according to AARP

June 21, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Millennials could be a serious force for encouraging policymakers to pass legislation targeted at relieving the financial burden of caregiving.

Alzheimer's bill would authorize $37 million for research, care

June 21, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Public health leaders and caregivers coalesced Tuesday behind an effort to focus attention and funding on Alzheimer’s disease.

MedPAC report focuses on long-term care, referrals

June 20, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

MedPAC said this system results in Medicare’s fee-for-service payments varying greatly from setting to setting.

Wearable rehabilitation technology awarded $1.6 million National Institute on Aging grant

June 20, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

APDM Wearable Technologies has been awarded a National Institute on Aging SBIR Phase II grant totaling $1.6 million to commercialize a real-time biofeedback system.

Veterans Affairs nursing home ratings worse than originally indicated, report says

June 19, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

The VA made some of its ratings public last week after receiving questions from the Globe and USA TODAY about all the secrecy.

Patients, families consider social and financial impact for Alzheimer's treatment

June 19, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Earlier in the year, a report released by the Alzheimer’s Association stated the annual cost of providing care for Americans with Alzheimer’s disease had reached $277 billion.

Skilled nursing occupancy drops to 81.6%

June 18, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

For the first time in six years, skilled nursing occupancy failed to increase between the fourth and first quarters as the numbers continued their grim march downward.

Virtual Dementia Tour provides a 20-minute dementia experience

June 18, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

The 20-minute experience simulates the effects of aging and dementia, giving the viewer the opportunity to walk in the loved one’s shoes.

Congressman proposes new Medicare long-term care insurance plan

June 14, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Representative Frank Pallone (D-NJ), the senior Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, is proposing a new universal Medicare long-term care benefit. 

NYC focused on senior living with $500 million plan

June 14, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

New York City has plans to build thousands of senior housing units on public land in an effort aimed at aiding the city’s low-income older adults.

Top-paid skilled nursing CEO list shifts in 2018

June 13, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

In 2017, Skilled Nursing News profiled the salaries of the seven highest-paid CEOs at the biggest skilled nursing companies for the previous year.

Study shows Visual Association Test valuable in the identification of raised dementia risk

June 13, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Researchers concluded that the VAT “can help to distinguish those at increased risk of developing dementia (requiring counseling, additional examination, or both) from those in whom watchful waiting is justified.”

Assisted living resident sues facility over bedbug complaint

June 12, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

A 70-year-old woman has sued her assisted living facility, alleging its operators ignored her complaints of bedbugs and told others she was hallucinating or imagining the critters.

Artis to branch out with new community near Chicago

June 12, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Artis is owned by the Bainum family, which got into the nursing home business in 1959. 

Something to Sleep On— How to Improve Sleep for Residents with Dementia

June 12, 2018     Jane Belt, RN, MS, RAC-MT, RAC-CT, QCP, Curriculum Development Specialist, American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination

When caring for residents with dementia, one quickly realizes that a common problem is sleep—too much or too little. If too little, not only is the resident not getting needed sleep, but the sleepless resident’s behaviors can disturb other residents.

New care units slowest to fill, according to new study

June 8, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Despite a surprisingly high median occupancy number, the lease-up rate for nursing care units lags behind the other three key asset classes in the seniors housing and care space.

Speaking up: tech firms and AARP partner on voice tech for seniors

June 8, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Two voice technology startups are partnering with AARP to personalize care for older patients with diabetes.

Video game connects players to dementia

June 7, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

When you’re playing Before I Forget, wandering around a house inspecting everyday objects, trying to trigger a memory, it feels like a lot of narrative-driven video games: you’re attempting to piece together a story using clues left behind.