Armed robber hits Illinois nursing home

Long-term care facilities, particularly nursing homes, are becoming new targets for thieves searching for drugs. Monday afternoon, a young man wielding a knife entered the Jonesboro Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, according to reports from WSIL-TV. The man confronted staff and demanded access to medications.  After removing an unspecified amount of narcotics from a storage area, the man fled.

The incident remains under investigation. Union County Sheriff David Livesay notes that private homes are usually the targets for criminals in search of narcotics or prescription medicines. “This is…a wakening call for law enforcement in southern Illinois that now nursing homes could be targeted,” he adds.

Other long-term care environments should be cautious also. Some independent or assisted living residents may be receiving prescriptions through the mail. Livesay offers this advice: “Any medications that you are receiving through the mail be sure to put that in a safe place that’s easily accessible by the owner and not to somebody traveling the roadway looking for the opportunity to get that medication.”

Topics: Risk Management