Arbitration guide available

State rules related to arbitration agreements in long-term care (LTC) communities can be found in a new publication released by OmniSure Consulting Group.

Facility administrators and others can use the downloadable reference, Reducing Risk Through Arbitration Agreements in Long Term Care, to determine where their states stand on the issue of arbitration and how that position compares with the stances of other states across the nation. The free publication also provides tips for successful execution and enhancement of the enforceability of such agreements.

“Arbitration is commonly used in commercial, labor management and international disputes and can also be a valuable tool in LTC facilities,” says Michelle Foster Earle, president of OmniSure Consulting Group, based in Austin, Texas. “However, they are not without controversy. Facilities need not shy away from using them so long as they are balanced, optional and presented in an appropriate manner.”

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Topics: Executive Leadership , Risk Management