AOD Software partners with Inofile for clinical document exchange

AOD Software has formed a strategic partnership with Inofile to integrate Inofile’s Kno2 document exchange platform with AOD’s electronic health record  (EHR). The added functionality will allow users of AOD’s EHR system to share clinical documents with hospitals, physicians and other care partners easily and securely, notes a press announcement.

The integration also can help organizations overcome hurdles with sharing documents that contain  unstructured data or are not in a standard exchange format, explains Jon Elwell, CEO of Inofile, in the press release. 

“The combination of AOD and Kno2 delivers instant interoperability across the care continuum,” he says. “We read every day about obstacles to interoperability between hospitals and post-acute care settings. Kno2 removes those barriers, making interoperability available to everyone right now, regardless of their overall technology adoption or budget constraints.”

Topics: Technology & IT