An update on my stolen credit card

On April 22, a blog was posted about my missing credit card, the $1,000 of unauthorized charges on it and law enforcement finding that my driver's boyfriend had fraudulently used it.

After that my life was topsy-turvy. Everyone thought I should fire my driver. But I had no one to replace her and I really did not want to suspect her. I told her I would rather not discuss the incident. But our relationship was strained anyway. I was uncomfortable and she was clearly on edge.

My driver said she would move away from her boyfriend. But she did not. When he was indicted for misuse of the credit card and receiving stolen property, she steadfastly stood by him. She then told me she would help him make restitution for the illegal charges.

I tried to understand her loyalty to her boyfriend. But her defense of him angered me. I knew I would never get past the incident with her around. I also knew it was a conflict of interest for her to work for me and associate with him. In her crazy kind of logic I think she was angry with me about the whole situation. So I decided to let her go.

It was an ugly situation because she was very upset with me. With no driver, I felt I lost my independence and the ability to get out. I am grateful others have filled in and taken me out. But when I need to start a new driver I will be very cautious.

I have completed two fraud forms for the credit card company.

I also did a Victim Impact Statement for the prosecutor's office. I did not suggest a punishment for the defendant. I am leaving that up to the prosecutor or judge to decide.

I do not really feel like a victim. I feel someone took advantage of me because he could.

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